My adventure to Inisheer!

To start off, I have to say how embarrassed I am to say that at 25 years of age I have never been to the Aran Islands and I'm from Ireland!!!

Anyway we shall continue... I took sail this morning with a few of my friends from Doolin Pier with Doolin ferries. What a glorious day we got for our adventure out to the island. We decided to visit Inisheer.

Inisheer is the smallest and most eastern of the three Aran Islands in Galway Bay, Ireland. With about 260 permanent residents, it is more populous than Inishmaan but less than Inishmore. It is approximately 15 minutes from Doolin Pier. There are many attractions to be found there – ancient castles, a shipwreck, a lighthouse, one of Ireland's most beautiful beaches, a modern playground and several fine pubs and cafes.

When we landed on the island, we hired a horse and cart. Felt pretty Irish doing this... Molly Malone, name of the horse by the way, trotted round the island with us perched in the back taking in all the scenes. The beach on the island is spectacular. It was like something from the Maldives and I'm not exaggerating it was absolutely stunning. Then we went to see the shipwreck at the end of the island, the boat that was in famour Irish Tv series Father Ted and then we headed for some food in the local hotel followed by walking the beach and taking in all the scenic views in front of us. The weather was amazing today so in Ireland that is always a help.

Overall, I was captivated by the island and would 100% recommend you all to visit Inisheer. It gave me a real insight into our Irish culture. Listening to the Irish language amongst the local people was lovely. It's amazing to think that English is their second language. We live in such an incredible country and one thing is for sure I am glad we have been restricted to travel this summer as it is giving me huge appreciation for the land that is in front of us and also time to explore it all. It's true what the Irish say "if we could only roof her"..... I'll be back Inisheer.

Slán go fóill...

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